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Koinonia Foundation partner projects: A partial overview of some of our favorite funding partners/recipients

Guava Jam From Sri Lanka

Preserving Guava Jam in Sri Lanka

Preethi Burkholder, Project Director

Koinonia Foundation, Maryland, USA, awarded the Rajarata Praja Kendraya Organization (RPK), Kekirawa, Sri Lanka, a grant to preserve guava jam. Preethi Burkholder, was the project director and worked with the staff and volunteers of RPK to make the guava jam project a success.

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Oberon Greenhouse Project

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Morgan County Observatory



Buried for 6 long years. In 1993 the Morgan County Board of Education was given a gift — a research grade 16″ Cassegrain telescope. It was donated by the U.S. Naval Academy.

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Leatherback Turtles


Beauty in motion, but only 108 laying females showed up this year on the last West Coast nesting site.

These 77 Leatherback turtle eggs will be checked daily for correct temperature through the thermo-coupling wire stretching from the nest up to the beach. A Koinonia grant helped us with a students study.

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Project Earth

Maryland Youth Project Earth

Around 1995 a Koinonia funded project placed this stunning picture of our earth in every classroom in Maryland. It was and is our hope this silent reminder to our youth of the world, both wondrous and fragile, it will instill in them a love of creation and creator.

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Standing Elk


Chief of Yankton Sioux

The Yankton Sioux Reservation sits nestled along the Missouri River, in southeastern South Dakota. Unfortunately, over this past century much of the Dakota culture has been lost.

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Pig Sanctuary



PIGS, A SANCTUARY is a place of refuge for abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted animals. We specialize in the care of potbellied pigs and farm pigs, but shelter other farm and domestic animals as well.

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