The Koinonia Foundation

Grants Review Committee

19468 Manchester Dr.

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


Koinonia began as a religious missionary center in the early 1950’s, with emphasis on giving those overseas an inner strength to get through their project and find their own unique soul and spirit in the process.

Over time, Koinonia evolved into a landed spiritual community center, in the Greenspring area north of Baltimore, Maryland, attracting some of the great thinkers of the era: Ram Das, Pir Vil Yat Khan, William Irwin Thompson John Yungblut, Frederick Francks, Sheldon Kopp, David Spangler, and many others.

By the 1960’s, Koinonia was one of the first self-determined learning centers in the area to teach yoga, meditation, organic gardening, art dance, music, and psychology.

Today, the Koinonians seek to provide grass-roots energy in the form of grants. We want to hear from non-profit organizations of kindred spirits who seek to improve the environment, make best use of human resources, and have a strong, spiritual (non-denominational) background.

If Koinonia has a unique history and identity, it has been a 50- year-old nexus of interrelationships of good works and teaching, infused with both a local and global perspective honoring life.