The Koinonia Foundation

Grants Review Committee

19468 Manchester Dr.

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


  • The Greening Initiative is granted $2,000.00 to turn abandoned lots in the inner city of Baltimore into small parks.

  • The Center for Environmental Equity is granted $1,000.00 to begin a pilot project to remove hazardous wastes from households impaired by age, mobility or mental acuity.

  • NYEMA Projects Inc. is granted $2,000.00 to construct a clinic and Women’s Medical College in Nangchen, Tibet.

  • The Namaste Retreat Center of Wisconsin is grated $2,000.00 for a project to record and document the Sioux Elders speaking the old language and their sacred song, dance, ceremony, art and history. (Mick will try to connect this group with Shelly’s people who created the video “The New Industrial Revolution.”)

  • Oberon is granted $1,600.00 to (a.) keep up and expand the medicinal herb garden and (b.) to continue its education work at the Cromwell property. Oberon is now in association with the Herring Run Water Shed Association.

  • Earthhome is awarded $570.00 to begin to develop ways of using biodegradable products, such as biodegradable nylons out of corn stalks and spider webs. Wendy Cooper, who did the “planet earth photo in every classroom” project for us years ago, will do the work on this grant.

  • New Ventures Enterprises is awarded $200.00 to provide a Christmas feast for people in a day program for those with neurobiological disease.

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