The Koinonia Foundation

Grants Review Committee

19468 Manchester Dr.

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


The meeting got right down to the business of evaluating grant proposals. Of the proposals submitted the following were awarded funding:

  • The Community Christian School of Wilmar, Minnesota is awarded $2,000.00 to help involve students to preserve a natural habitat in their area.

  • The Denver Zoological Foundation is awarded $1,000.00 towards a study of the role of the introduction of grey wolves on the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

  • Oberon is awarded 2,000.00 for infrastructure upgrades to it’s medicinal garden, and live chicken protective electrical fencing and other equipment necessary or running the children’s visitation program.

  • Shorewood church of God is awarded $500.00 to volunteers who teach in Kenya.

  • Rajarata Praja Kendraya is awarded $1,560.00 (contingent on producing a 501(c)3 Paper) to teach people in a community in India to jar and preserve a freely available food (guavas) which otherwise goes to waste in their area.

  • The World Game is awarded $5000.00 to present it’s program in the near future at the College of Notre Dame. The College is donating the gym for FREE for this event. Several Board members will try to contact other donors, in which case it will cost Koinonia less, however the Board is designating the full $5000.00 to the project at this time.

  • A $200.00 gift to the New Ventures program for people with mental illness was voted on after the meeting by email and phone poll.

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