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Standing Elk


Chief of Yankton Sioux

The Yankton Sioux Reservation sits nestled along the Missouri River, in southeastern South Dakota. Unfortunately, over this past century much of the Dakota culture has been lost.

It has only been recently (Aug 1978), that Native Americans have been allowed to practice their ceremonial rights without legal repercussions, fear of imprisonment, or death. Families have been integrated into mainstream America, and Christianized by missionaries.

Many of our Baby Boomers and their children, have been displaced and disconnected from the teachings of our ancestors and traditional culture. Our Elders hold these keys for the preservation of sacred song, dance, ceremony, art, language, and history. It is critical that this information be recorded and documented.

There are only 7537 enrolled Tribal members that remain throughout the United States, according to the Women’s Resource Center and Yankton Sioux Tribal Enrollment office. Because of this, There is a great need for the preservation and restoration of the language and culture of our people and future generations to maintain cultural prosperity.

Golden Eagle is Chief of the Yankton Sioux, he is also known as Standing Elk, and Chief Spotted Horse, Dakota Spiritual Advisor and Sundance Chief.

Through years of fasting, prayer, and ceremony Chief Golden Eagle with a group of spiritual teachers, has brought forth interpretations of Star Law. He co-authored MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN, The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator, where he was guided to share the Laws and interpretations as he felt that these Universal laws will help us through this period called “The Age of Coyote” or the “Age of Aquarius.”

He also convenes Star Knowledge Conferences to share the Laws and invites the Elders and Spiritual Leaders to share their wisdom and knowledge with the people.

Koinonia Foundation gave a $2,000.00 grant for the purchase of equipment needed to record the elders story.

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